Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Fashionapartment's NYFW fight

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..sure you want to come in today? You are always very welcome in the fashion apartment - but I warn you, my lounge and my wardrobe are in a big big fight! So be careful, you never know if one of them throws a shoe or a vase across the room! 

Ok.. so you're still there? And you want to know what caused the big fight? Well, I will explain it to you:

 As you can imagine, my fashion apartment loves the Fashion Week season so the shows in New York are a big subject in my fashionable flat this week. However, my lounge and my wardrobe rarely share the same opinion when it comes to the latest runway looks - the lounge is always interested in new and uncommon styles and designs whereas my wardrobe likes wearable, feminine and classy pieces. You see, quite a lot of "disagreement potential".

So after the lounge had seen the Alexander Wang collection it tried to convince me of how great and unconventional it is and that I absolutely need to get pieces like this into my life. Uuuh oh.. when my wardrobe heard about this, the lounge was in big big trouble! Clothes in this bulky style should be moving in soon? No way! So apart form throwing shoes into the lounge, my wardrobe started to convince me to look at the runways looks from Rebecca Minkoff instead, that, in his opinion, were much more me than those sad colours and boxing gloves A.Wang had to offer! Well, the lounge - of course - disagreed so everyone began shouting and screaming (apart from the dressing table - who - as per usual - didn't get the chnce to express himself yet). 

and what about me..?

Well. I guess I have to agree with my wardrobe (uh oh, a vase is just about to hit me) 

Unlike a lot of opinions from the fashion universe (including my lounge but you know that now), I'm just not a fan of Wang's collection. And I like it even less when I compare it to collections like Minkoff's or Rachel Zoe's who created looks that bring out the best in a woman. And who make women look good! Ok, I must admit, Wang's idea with the boxing gloves, the boxing inpired collection in general, is new and fresh and the texture mix is interesting - but I don't think it's feminine. And those bulky silhouettes will only make few women look good.

So I get my lounge's point of view, runway looks like A.Wang's fall collection are inspiring and pieces of art - but I think me and my wardrobe are happy about all those looks that maybe don't make me a masterpiece (and don't draw the attention to 100 street style photographers) but that actually are flattering. Just like those cute Rebecca Minkoff's dresses.

.. so I guess I rather live in my wardrobe for a while. it's safer than in the lounge.
and what about you? Who do you stick to? To my wardrobe or to my lounge?


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