Wednesday, 20 February 2013

1,5 Years Of Paris

Sadly I couldn't share my last 1,5 years of Paris with you as I decided to launch Allure only after leaving the French capital. However, I would like to share with you the magazine that followed me through all the 72 weeks I spent in France - ELLE.

I used to run down to the magazine store every single Friday and bought my weekly treat. The guy who sold them already knew me well, as soon as I entered his shop he threw my fav' magazine over to me, I threw a 2-€ piece back to him and we were both happy.

So, why ELLE you wonder? Well, I am a huge fan of print magazines in the first place. I know, today it's so easy to read everything online but isn't it way better to hold loads of pages of fashion, beauty and interesting articles in your hands instead of only staring on them through a screen? Also, ELLE stands for strong and opinionated French women - I think there is no magazine that reflects the French female power as well as ELLE does. It might be less "high fashion" than Vogue but that didn't keep me from running down to my magazine store every Friday.

So it turns out that this small collection is my documentation of 1,5 years in Paris. When I move to Berlin again next month I will show you how useful "Le ELLE" will be in my lounge...

But before that I say good bye for a few days because now it's not about 1,5 years à Paris but a few days in London again - so I already wish you a "bon week-end", les 'elles'! 


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  2. I like this magazin ♥
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  3. wow that is quite the collection!


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  5. Really good post! I guess you are quite sad to leave Paris...
    I'm living in London for 5 month and I'm starting to have a good
    collection of magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper's too...

    Besos, M!

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