Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Milan Fashion Week's Fav

So, let me ask you one thing - isn't this collection simply beautiful? When I saw the pics of the Blumarine fashion show in Milan, I was amazed by those beautiful pastel colors, the elegant and sophisticated silhouettes and the casual chic of the whole collection - needless to say that my wardrobe was speechless as well, you know how much he loves flattering and feminine styles - and if you didn't know that yet, you can read more about it here. I'm a huge fan of large rollnecks anyway so this makes me love Anna Molinari's work even more. 
I also love the fact that you could actually pick any of those runway looks and put it straight on as almost every single outfit is wearable and perfect for every occasion. 

Oh I wish I could just jump straight into those pale pink pants and the fluffy white jacket...

all pics via Style.com

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