Thursday, 31 January 2013

Objects of Desire

Spring fever. This is what's going on in my fashion apartment. The lounge is craving for flowers, white candles and bright furniture, my wardrobe fell in love with this gorgeous Acne blazer and my dressing table dreams of this YSL pastel eye shadow. And the worst thing is: They always want everything at the same time. And they can't wait a few weeks or months - nooo - they want it straight away! Well.. let's see what they will get. One thing is for sure - they all have rather good taste.

via Polyvore

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Loveletter to my bag

Coat: Zara // Bag: Michael Kors // Gloves: Balmain // Jeans: H&M // Boots: Marks & Spencer // Scarf: knitted by my nan <3

May I introduce you to my beloved Michael Kors bag! Let me tell you how our love story began: To be honest with you, I have never been a big fan of Michael Kors in general. I somehow didn't really like the bags and accessories because with all those golden details etc they all just seemed a little trashy to me. However, on a very nice day last summer, I discovered a bag in the Paris Michael Kors boutique that I simply fell in love with - I just loved the classy, timeless shape and its soft leather. So, ever since I bought it, I've been carrying it around with me almost every day. And believe me, it's not because it's the only nice bag I posses but because it's definitely the most functional bag I own! It is just perfect for my daily life as it offers enough space for the million things I carry around with me every day - and if it gets too heavy and my boyfriend is not around, I can just wear it with the strap. Another thing I love about it is - of course - the color. I love to wear my bag with rather dark clothes so it looks even shinier. The only thing that was missing was a matching scarf. I was searching for the right one in ages but I just couldn't find one - oh how lucky I am to have a great nan who knows how to knit so she made me a matching scarf herself! So, voilà, thanks to my nan my handbag has found the perfect partner!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Coral Red

Dress: Vila / Belt & Bag: Vintage / Boots: Mark's and Spencer / Necklaces: Pascale Monvoisin

 I hope you had a nice weekend, everyone! Mine was brilliant, a really good friend from Paris was over for the weekend so I introduced him to the lovely countryside of south Germany - bit different from the French capital but good fun though! We went to the beautiful city of Heidelberg - if you happen to be in that area, you must go and visit! There are so many international students and a lot of really nice and cosy bars, a real must-go!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Introducing Pale Pink to Brickstones

Cardigan & Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Leggings: French Connection // Boots: Zara // Necklaces: Pascale Monvoisin // Ring: Isharya // Bracelet: Vintage

That's one of my favorite outfits at the moment - quite simple but it can be upgraded with the right accessories. My current favorites are the leggings from French Connection as they're so so comfy and go with pretty much everything. They have some sort of velvet/suede texture that makes them a real eye-catcher. I bought another pair of them in a brighter colour and as I hardly ever buy the same thing twice, this means quite a lot!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pre-Fall Perfect

Ok. So after seeing the Chloé Pre-Fall 2013 pics I told myself: "Vic, that's it, I think you won't see somethingy you like that much for quite a while." - well, that was before I saw those amazing Balmain looks! Balmain became one of my favorite brands in 2012 and I think it will remain one of my favorites in 2013. Love the high waisted skirts, trousers and opulent material mixtures - sophisticated and feminine silhouettes. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Oh Boy!

I think it's time to share with you what fashionistos - yep, Fashionistos with an O - wear on the streets this year. I discovered those amazing street style pics of Paris Men Fashionweek on and I must say that these gentlemen have a great sense of style! Quite honestly: It's been a while since I looked at fashion week street style pics without wondering: ok, what's going on here - is it about "dress to impress" or rather "dress like a mess"? The only thing that counts is being caught by the cameras and therefor it seems as if outfits must be as edgy as possible. I certainly don't want to offend anyone's style because after all fashion is supposed to be fun and should give you the chance to express yourself - but why is it then that so many "street stylers", wearing the craziest outfits, don't express that much fun at all? Anyway, this is my opinion and that's why I was even more delighted to see those fashionable guys below. By combining classy pieces with only a few edgy ones, they create really inspiring outfits and quite frankly, I think we girls could take some fashion advice from those boys. I was never really into men street wear but looking at those pics, I think I am about to change my mind!

All pictures via

Sunday, 20 January 2013

No need for Heels

Shirt: Zara // Jeans: Mango // Heels: Mango // Clutch: Vintage // Necklace: Pascale Monvoisin // Ring: Isharya

Today I wanted to share with you one of my current favourite outfits that I love to wear when I go out and meet friends for dinner or drinks. I love casual chic and I always think it's amazing how easily you can put together a really sophisticated outfit with only some basics like a nice pair of heels, denim trousers, an original top and some accessories!

Sadly, my heels stay on the shoe shelf most of the time and are mortaly offended as I can't wear them as often as I used to at the moment - and I tell you what caused the trouble with my beloved shoes:

After almost 2 years in Paris and 1 year in Berlin, I'm currently doing something I haven't done in a long time - before my studies will continue in Berlin early April, I am staying with my parents in my small hometown in the south of Germany. So does this mean I am only sleeping in, being spoiled by my mum or running around the fields and collecting daisies? I must admit this sounds very tempting but no, I am not living the ultimate countryside dream  but I am working for a company and developing a social media strategy for them. It's a really cool job but the office is of course not as glamourous as the one in Paris where I was an intern for the past 6 months. So as you can imagine, I tend to dress a little bit down here on the German countryside and rather prefer my Nike trainers. But  don't you worry, my dear heels, I am sure I will wear you once I go out in one of the two bars (wow, the choice is incredibly big as you see!) my village has to offer!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Showroom: Chloé Pre-Fall 2013

Photos via Chloé, photo credit: Julia Chesky

This is love at first sight. The pics of the Chloé Pre-Fall collection 2013 during the NY Press Days simply left me speechless this afternoon - this looks like Fashion Wonderland! I am a huge fan of Chloé anyway but I think I have never liked a collection as much as I like this one. I'm in love with the nude and pastel colours, the playful dresses and sophisticated silhouettes. And I think this fall's absolute highlight will be the tri-color bag above - what an amazing material mix!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dressing Table: My Beautiful Five

They often say that there's nothing more difficult than finding the perfect pair of jeans. Very true. However, I must say that I used to deal with an even bigger problem - I just didn't seem to find the perfect make-up essentials. I generally don't use too much make-up but I think that there are some basics like a good mascara and a light foundation matching your skin type perfectly are aboluste must-haves. And then, finally in 2012, after years of trying different promising concealers, primers, mascaras, foundations and a lot of frustration when the products were not as good as I expected them to be, something amazing happened: I found my more or less perfect beauty kit. So now in 2013, after almost one year of experience with my 5 beauty helpers, I would like to share them with you!

Clinique Super City Block & Even Better Dark Circle Corrector

These are the two products I start my day with. The Super City Block is a really good primer that protects my skin from the sun and from all kinds of environmental influence. It feels really smooth on my skin and slightly covers rednesses. In order to make dark circles from late nights disappear, I love to use Clinique's Dark Circle Corrector that makes the whole eye area look more bright and makes me look less tired in the mornings. Two great products from Clinique that definitely ease my start in the day!

Garnier Roll-On, Garnier Miracle Skin Protector BB Creme & ASTOR Big Boom Mascara

I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and most foundations are just too much for me or don't seem to match my skin colour as they should. I was pretty sceptical about 2012's big BB Creme hype but still decided to give it a go with a less expensive product to start with. Et voilà, with Garnier's first BB Creme I found my perfect foundation! It's super light and matches my skin colour and I just feel comfortable with it during the whole day. It makes my skin lightly glow and gives me a fresh and natural look, I really do recommend it! Also, I use a little bit of the Roll-On stick in order to brighten my eye area a little bit more. And as a finish I use Astor's Big Boom Mascara that makes my eye lashes look longer and thicker. 

.. so all in all I can recommend all of those 5 products for a natural everyday make up. So now I guess I just have to find my 5 perfect denim trousers?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Away From Home: Very British

 Jacket: Barbour / Denim Shirt: Zara / Leggin Trousers: French Connection / Boots: Zara

Snow & Chelsea rooftops

yum yum yum

So hello there! I'm back from a lovely week in one of my favourite cities - guess you get the location through the pics, needless to say that it's London right? As my boyfriend and sister are both living there, I try to head to the English capital as often as possible - and of course I had a very busy schedule as the winter sales were still on! So I did quite well regards the shopping and simply had a lovely time with two of my most beloved people in the world. Hope I will be back soon!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wardrobe: Things won't change

Knit - Mango / Jeans & Flats - H&M / Bracelet - Pandora / Clutch & Necklace - Vintage 

Good morning everyone! So, I was thinking: As we are still in the first week of 2013, it should be ok to do a post about new year resolutions - right? But no, I won't tell you all the things I would like to change this year. I will rather tell you about 5 things that I want to maintain - today, everything just changes all the time and isn't it better to keep some things instead of turning them upside down every year? 

1. Buy Books

I always loved books no matter if they were big novels or very nice coffetable books. And in 2012, I started spending money on them again - yes, maybe it would be more clever to buy a Kindle instead of carrying three big novels around but no - nothing beats the smell of a new book in my room.

2. Go to the Cinema

I spent nearly the whole year 2012 in Paris and started to develop a real passion for French cinema and cinema in general. Maybe this is a bit oldschool too, with all the streaming and stuff, but I just loved spending two hours in one of the small cinemas of St Germain on a rainy Satuday afternoon.

3. Wear Flats

With 1,74m I'm not one of the shortest girls so I don't have to wear killer heels everytime I go out of the house. However, I tend to wear at least 3cm heels because I always used to think it makes the legs look nicer and walking more elegant, too. Then in 2012 with all the trainers walking around, I started to realize that hey, this doesn't look too bad either - and it's much less painful on a whole day running. So I won't say no to my heels but I will continue saying a little bit more yes to trainers and flats in general.

4. Invest in High Quality

Yup, Zara, Mango, H&M are great - but investing my money in more high end pices was the thing that made me really happy in 2012. I don't need to wear high end from head to toe but what I learned is that one high quality piece can make your Zara/Mango/H&M outfit go from nice to fabulous!

5. Wear Dresses

I love skinny jeans because I think they are the easiest pieces to combine with. However, jeans don't make me feel like a nice little dress does. I started wearing colourful, silky dresses in 2012 and realized in how many ways you can combine them and how good they make you feel. I just feel more girly and stylish wearing a dress and therefor I will try to keep "dress-ed" also in 2013. So I think you will see quite a few dress looks on Allure.