Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Out and About

Shirt: Topshop // Statement Necklace: Asos // Skirt: Zara // Bracelet: H&M // Clutch: Pieces

As you might tell from the brickstones, I was in London again - there wasn't really much left from fashion week but I made sure that there was enough fashion left for me - I think it's very unpolite to come back to my fashion apartment empty handed without some little presents to give to my wardrobe, my dressing table and my lounge! However, I'm afraid I have to show you what's new in my fashion apartment a bit later on as I'm going to leave it again tomorrow - I will go to Cannes for the weekend and join my nan who is there on holiday - oh my, I guess this means I have to bring back even more presents..

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Milan Fashion Week's Fav

So, let me ask you one thing - isn't this collection simply beautiful? When I saw the pics of the Blumarine fashion show in Milan, I was amazed by those beautiful pastel colors, the elegant and sophisticated silhouettes and the casual chic of the whole collection - needless to say that my wardrobe was speechless as well, you know how much he loves flattering and feminine styles - and if you didn't know that yet, you can read more about it here. I'm a huge fan of large rollnecks anyway so this makes me love Anna Molinari's work even more. 
I also love the fact that you could actually pick any of those runway looks and put it straight on as almost every single outfit is wearable and perfect for every occasion. 

Oh I wish I could just jump straight into those pale pink pants and the fluffy white jacket...

all pics via

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

1,5 Years Of Paris

Sadly I couldn't share my last 1,5 years of Paris with you as I decided to launch Allure only after leaving the French capital. However, I would like to share with you the magazine that followed me through all the 72 weeks I spent in France - ELLE.

I used to run down to the magazine store every single Friday and bought my weekly treat. The guy who sold them already knew me well, as soon as I entered his shop he threw my fav' magazine over to me, I threw a 2-€ piece back to him and we were both happy.

So, why ELLE you wonder? Well, I am a huge fan of print magazines in the first place. I know, today it's so easy to read everything online but isn't it way better to hold loads of pages of fashion, beauty and interesting articles in your hands instead of only staring on them through a screen? Also, ELLE stands for strong and opinionated French women - I think there is no magazine that reflects the French female power as well as ELLE does. It might be less "high fashion" than Vogue but that didn't keep me from running down to my magazine store every Friday.

So it turns out that this small collection is my documentation of 1,5 years in Paris. When I move to Berlin again next month I will show you how useful "Le ELLE" will be in my lounge...

But before that I say good bye for a few days because now it's not about 1,5 years à Paris but a few days in London again - so I already wish you a "bon week-end", les 'elles'! 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

How to make the sun shine

 Blouse: Zara // Skirt: Etoile Isabel Marant // Necklace & Bag: Vintage

I guess I am not the only one who is starting to get rid of the cold and grey weather we're having in Germany at the moment. So, I asked myself, what could I do in order to brighten up this foggy Sunday? Well, a last-minute trip to a sunny island was obviously not very realistic so my wardrobe suggested to wear at least some pastel colours which actually lifted my mood. So today I wore my skirt by Etoile Isabel Marant for the first time and I am very happy I bought it - it's super comfy and the pattern goes with a lot of shirts that are hanging in my wardrobe. Too bad I had to hide this outfit under my coat for almost the whole day, pastel colours might lift your spirit but they definitely don't make the minus 2 degrees disappear!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Fashionapartment's NYFW fight

all pics via

..sure you want to come in today? You are always very welcome in the fashion apartment - but I warn you, my lounge and my wardrobe are in a big big fight! So be careful, you never know if one of them throws a shoe or a vase across the room! 

Ok.. so you're still there? And you want to know what caused the big fight? Well, I will explain it to you:

 As you can imagine, my fashion apartment loves the Fashion Week season so the shows in New York are a big subject in my fashionable flat this week. However, my lounge and my wardrobe rarely share the same opinion when it comes to the latest runway looks - the lounge is always interested in new and uncommon styles and designs whereas my wardrobe likes wearable, feminine and classy pieces. You see, quite a lot of "disagreement potential".

So after the lounge had seen the Alexander Wang collection it tried to convince me of how great and unconventional it is and that I absolutely need to get pieces like this into my life. Uuuh oh.. when my wardrobe heard about this, the lounge was in big big trouble! Clothes in this bulky style should be moving in soon? No way! So apart form throwing shoes into the lounge, my wardrobe started to convince me to look at the runways looks from Rebecca Minkoff instead, that, in his opinion, were much more me than those sad colours and boxing gloves A.Wang had to offer! Well, the lounge - of course - disagreed so everyone began shouting and screaming (apart from the dressing table - who - as per usual - didn't get the chnce to express himself yet). 

and what about me..?

Well. I guess I have to agree with my wardrobe (uh oh, a vase is just about to hit me) 

Unlike a lot of opinions from the fashion universe (including my lounge but you know that now), I'm just not a fan of Wang's collection. And I like it even less when I compare it to collections like Minkoff's or Rachel Zoe's who created looks that bring out the best in a woman. And who make women look good! Ok, I must admit, Wang's idea with the boxing gloves, the boxing inpired collection in general, is new and fresh and the texture mix is interesting - but I don't think it's feminine. And those bulky silhouettes will only make few women look good.

So I get my lounge's point of view, runway looks like A.Wang's fall collection are inspiring and pieces of art - but I think me and my wardrobe are happy about all those looks that maybe don't make me a masterpiece (and don't draw the attention to 100 street style photographers) but that actually are flattering. Just like those cute Rebecca Minkoff's dresses.

.. so I guess I rather live in my wardrobe for a while. it's safer than in the lounge.
and what about you? Who do you stick to? To my wardrobe or to my lounge?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Dressing Table Gets a Chance to Speak

Chanel Blush - Tweed Pink // MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder 

Bioderma Créaline - Solution Micéllaire

Good morning from my dressing table! As I told you in my last post, the old fellow was pretty annoyed with not being mentioned at all recently and he's right - my dressing table has so many things he would like to share with you, sometimes the wardrobe and lounge must keep quiet and let him enjoy the spotlight from time to time!
Ok, so what beauty news does my dressing table want to share with you? Well, let's start with my ultimate beauty fav's, my Chanel blush and my MAC transparent finish powder. Without those two helpers my make-up is just not complete - the Chanel blush makes me look fresh and is perfect for spring when I tend to wear pastel colours and light textures!
My MAC transparent finishing powder is an absolute must. I used it after putting on my BB creme which makes my face quite shiny. As the creme is slightly coloured already I don't want to use a coloured powder on top so the transparent powder is perfect! It's not too heavy and makes my face look matt and natural - and you still can see the nice glow of my BB creme.

And last but not least, I show you my highlight when it comes to taking off my make up in the evening. I think that's one of the most important things and it almost never happens - no matter how tired I am - that I skip this daily beauty routine. My skin is quite sensitive so Créaline H2O by Bioderma is perfect for me. It takes off everything in only one go, it barely smells of anything and it leaves my skin super clean and fresh. Trust me, I tested a lot of beauty products but nothing convinced me as much as Créaline H2O. I used to buy them in pharmacies in Paris but you can get them on the internet, too.

So yes, you're right, my dear dressing table - you have good stuff to offer. 
Glad you got a word in edgeways.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dressed Up

Dress: A no-name boutique in Paris / Belt: H&M 

Bonjour from the Fashion Apartment! As you can see, it's another wardrobe post and the lounge and dressing table are starting to get jealous - but I just couldn't help writing a post about one of my favorite dresses - I bought it in Paris last year and sadly I can't tell you the name of the brand as there is none (I searched for it everywhere but no result!) - probably because I got it from one of those countless no-name boutiques Paris has to offer. Anyway, this dress caught my eye immediately. I love the print and the fringes, it's the perfect dress for going out for drinks or to parties! Unfortunately I can't wear it as often as I want to at the moment because it's freeeeezing cold where I live - and it's definitely not the ideal dress for a walk in the snow!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


 Denim Shirt, Leggins & Boots: Zara // Bag: Vintage

I know I know, denim shirts are nothing new but somehow I discovered them for myself only a while ago - why didn't anyone tell me in how many great ways you can style them? Well, better late than never, right? So now that I have discovered this little allrounder, I would like to combine it with as many different pieces as possible - the look above is quite simple and casual but I think denim shirts also look really nice with a skirt and heels - what do you think?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pre Fall Fav

The jacket - this skirt - those colours - the shoes


Proenza Schouler via 

Monday, 4 February 2013


My wardrobe is always very excited whenever a new piece is joining us. Today it proudly presents our latest purchase - a skirt from Etoile Isabel Marant! When I first saw it at Net-à-Porter, I knew I had to have it - luckily I waited until the Sales arrived and got it with a 50% discount, yippiiie! So now I only have to wait for the right weather to wear it and then I hope my wardrobe will borrow it to me - you must know, my wardrobe can get very jealous when it likes something! So let's hope it will be generous and hand that skirt over from time to time so I can show you how I wear it.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

'cos I love COS.

Jumper: COS // Legging: French Connection // Boots: Zara // Clutch: Vintage // Necklaces: Pascale Monvoisin // Arm Cuffs: COS & Cheap Monday

This COS jumper is probably my best winter sale purchase of 2013 so far. It's super comfy and with its pastel colour it is perfect for rather fresh spring days. So, once again a piece from COS that made it to my wardrobe favorites. It is definitely one of my favorite stores when it comes to basics - in my opinion it's hard for other high street labels to beat them in this respect. I love their clean and minimalist designs and I'm always really satisfied with the quality. What about you, are you a COS fan as well? I'm really looking forward to the launch of "& Other stories" - by the sounds of it, it's going to be something for COS lovers!