Saturday, 30 March 2013

Busy Bee

 As you might have noticed, the fashion apartment has been pretty quiet during the last week. The reason for this unusual silence was my big Berlin mission - the flat hunt! Oh yes, you got that right, the fashion apartment is going to move to the German capital soon and my wardrobe, my dressing table and the lounge are craving a roof over their heads! So I spent last week running from one flat to the other, from North to South, from East to West and tried to find the perfect new place for my wardrobe & co. 

The perfect outfit for the flat mission? A pair of loose trousers (H&M), boots that are not too high so you can run if you happen to arrive late at a flat viewing (Office), a comfy shirt,(UO), a big enough clutch for all the requested documents (Monki) and for the right portion of luck my favourite necklaces from Pascale Monvoisin

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Black & Blue

via Polyvore

When I was 10, a girl at school looked at me and said: "what? you are wearing a blue shirt with black trousers? what a no-go!"

I always thought of this as my first fashion faux pas (I'm sure there were some more but this was the first time someone actually commented on it) and since then I tried to avoid the combination of black and blue as much as I could.

Today I think - how stupid! Doesn't the blue sweater just look amazing with the black leather trousers?! I could definitely think of way worse combinations! So I can't wait to bring a nice and cosy dark blue sweater in my life, put a pair of black trousers on, add some white converse trainers and a white bag and just feel fabulous!

and who knows, maybe I will bump into that girl from school and teach her a little fashion lesson..?

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

hair down - trainers on!

Shirt: Topshop // Leggins: Zara // Bag: Michael Kors // Trainers: UO

My wardrobe and dressing table are slightly confused. The reason for their confusion is a small but mighty change in my look. As you may have noticed, I usually wear a pony tail or a high bun - and I've been doing this for years! For some reason I just didn't feel comfortable letting my hair down even though my dressing table always sighs when I tame my blonde thatch in the morning. However, I decided it's time for a change in 2013! So I take the step and let my hair down every now and then and I must say.. I'm getting quite used to it! 

Different change of habits: there are trainers on my feet. And not because I'm going to the gym. I usually love to wear heels, no matter if it's high heels, boots or even sandals. Now don't get me wrong, we are not talking about killer heels here, a decent 5 to maximum 10 cm usually does the trick for me. Ballet flats are ok, too, but trainers were barely seen on my feet on the street (unless I went out jogging). So when I got those bad boys form Urban Outfitters I could litterally see question marks popping up in my wardrobe: "What is she thinking?" "Since when am I storing her gym equipment?" "Where is the bloody heel?!"

Well, it took some time for my wardrobe to get used to the fact that those trainers are a part of my clothing repertoire and today it even approved of the outfit above. 

So, to sum it up: Me, a big creature of habit, is starting to change some things lookwise and I have to say it feels very good so far - my hair is free & my feet don't hurt. 

I guess I killed two birds with one stone here?

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Friday, 15 March 2013

From Cannes with Chanel

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet / Chanel 569 Empire

Remember I told you there were still some nice things left to be shown from my weekend in Cannes? Well, as you can see, there's one brand that quite dominated my little shopping trip - and one of the fashion apartment's habitants is very delighted about its beautiful presents: my dressing table!

The dressing table was secretely hoping that if I went to the Côte d'Azur and left the rest of them in cold and grey Germany, I would at least come back with some decent French beauty products. And as I didn't want to disappoint my favourite beauty corner I brought back something from its favorite brand - Chanel, oh là là!

I'm a big fan of the lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet because it makes you look fresh and dynamic even if you feel rather tired - it adds that little something that makes a simple look more sophisticated and it illuminates your whole face. 
As for the nail polish, I love rather nude and descrete colours when it comes to my nails (even though deep red polish can look gorgeous,too). Anyway, even though I thought the polish was less pink and more beige when I bought it, it's a perfect pale colour for spring - provided that it finally arrives some day soon.

..and last but not least, I bought something great for my lounge which will get a special place when I move to my Berlin apartment early April: an old Chanel print from 1953 - I just need the right frame for it and then I won't only have Chanel on my lips and my nales but also on my wall!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome Home Party & Dublinstagram

Oh what a joy it is to come back to a virtual fashion apartment that is so delighted about my return that it throws a colorful welcome back party for me (even though I was only away for the weekend) ! And even though I had such a nice weekend with my friend Claire in Dublin, I am happy to be back now because there are a lot of things the fashion apartment wants to show you very soon - oh my, what would it do if I didn't carry all those nice things back home regularly I wonder? Anyway, as you can see, the wardrobe gets already a little impatient about the things I got when I was in Cannes last week but first I would like to make the lounge happy and show you some Instagram pics from my weekend in Ireland! you can see, we visited loads of really nice places and had a great time. Dublin is full of cosy cafés, shops and you can find some great architecture so there's enough places to go whenever it starts raining (which happens quite often)
If you're curious about Dublin as well, you should definitely visit my friend Claire's website that she has launched recently:
You will find the best places to eat, shop, drink and dance and believe me, she knows where the hot spots are, she took me to almost all of them on the weekend!

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Friday, 8 March 2013


 Blouse & Jeans: H&M // Scarf: Alexander McQueen // Boots: Office // Bag: Mango

Nude, Camel, Beige. These colors always do the trick for me and that's quite obvious once you take a look inside my fashion apartment. My wardrobe has a pretty nice collection with several beige and camel colored blouses, scarves and shirts and my dressing table is proud of it's big selection of nude nail polishes and lip sticks.

..and as my dog Vasco matches the camel-nude trend quite well by adding some black and white highlights (this dog knows a lot about style), I thought this was the perfect occasion to introduce him to you!

sadly I have to leave the fashion apartment and Vasco again for the weekend as I am off to Dublin to visit my friend Claire! I've never been there before but I guess I can leave my light blouses and suede boots at home as according to the weather forecast it's going to rain cats and dogs! 

I will keep you updated via instagram

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

British Presents

Shirt: Kenzo // Trainers: UO
The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year // The Great Gatsby
Beauty Fav: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

.. as I said last week, I don't really like to come back to the fashion apartment empty handed - especially my wardrobe is always very disappointed and gets quite moody if it doesn't get new nice things to host from time to time. And when I go to London my wardrobe literally expects me to come back with nice things as it is convinced there is no better place to shop on earth!

So you can imagine it was quite delighted about the green Kenzo shirt I bought in the Open Ceremony store at Covent Garden. I just realized at home how well it matches the new trainers I bought at Urban Outfitters.

But this time not only my wardrobe got spoilt, but my lounge and dressing table got some pretty nice gifts as well. I love reading English books and the Great Gatsby has been on my to-read list for a long time so it has a special place in my lounge now and waiting for me to start reading it

Last but not least, I bought my favorite MAC concealer - I guess I'm not the only one who is a big fan of this product because it was sold out at almost every MAC store I went to - however, I didn't give up the chase for my beloved concealer (my boyfriend probably knows what I am talking about, he had to deal with my frustration about not finding the bloody concealer for several daysand finally found my object of desire at Harvey Nichols.

.. ah, and one last (and really great) thing! Check out the blog "Das gewisse Etwas" from the lovely blogger Katharina and participate in her "blog presentation" - an amazing idea for small blogs to get more attention!


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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cannes through Instagram

Bonsoir mes poules! 

I had a great weekend with my nan and her friend in Cannes - for the first time this year I could actually wear my beloved trench coat instead of my winter clothes, see and smell "la mer" and most important: enjoy a lot of sun!

and of course my little holiday wouldn't be complete if I hadn't bought some small gifts for the fashion apartment which I will show you later on.. but I can tell you one thing already, my dressing table is very excited!

.. and if you want to see more pics of the beautiful Côte d'Azur, here's my instagram name:


..alors, à bientôt?