Monday, 21 January 2013

Oh Boy!

I think it's time to share with you what fashionistos - yep, Fashionistos with an O - wear on the streets this year. I discovered those amazing street style pics of Paris Men Fashionweek on and I must say that these gentlemen have a great sense of style! Quite honestly: It's been a while since I looked at fashion week street style pics without wondering: ok, what's going on here - is it about "dress to impress" or rather "dress like a mess"? The only thing that counts is being caught by the cameras and therefor it seems as if outfits must be as edgy as possible. I certainly don't want to offend anyone's style because after all fashion is supposed to be fun and should give you the chance to express yourself - but why is it then that so many "street stylers", wearing the craziest outfits, don't express that much fun at all? Anyway, this is my opinion and that's why I was even more delighted to see those fashionable guys below. By combining classy pieces with only a few edgy ones, they create really inspiring outfits and quite frankly, I think we girls could take some fashion advice from those boys. I was never really into men street wear but looking at those pics, I think I am about to change my mind!

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